Examples of project types:


50+ advanced strategy and implementation projects across most industries and value chains. Attention on handling strategically complex and sensitive situations of a high-risk/high-impact nature.

Mergers & Acquisitions

100+ acquisitions, divestitures/trade sales, mergers/de-mergers and strategic alliance/joint venture projects in the U.S., Europe and the Nordic countries. Focus on M&A strategy, negotiations, tactics and handling deadlocked situations.

Corporate Finance and Ownership Strategies

20+ corporate finance projects including ownership strategies, negotiating "spin-offs"/de-mergers, equity and debt financing, valuations and bid situations (including takeover protection), capital structure optimization, handling IPOs.

Post-Merger Integrations

10+ post-merger integrations in several countries. Strong project management of mergers requiring speed and precision, balanced with profit improvement, strategy alignment and attention to cultural sensitivity.


15+ complex negotiations/restructurings in crisis situations. Focus on balance sheet redesign and implementation of radical changes to corporate structure, business portfolio and asset allocation, capital structure and financing.


10+ turnaround assignments in high-risk/high-impact situations (normally with a liquidity crisis) typically driving drastic operational redesign of cost structure, product portfolio, organization, financing and strategy.